Python – How to Check If File Exists – The Easiest Way



This short tutorial teaches the simplest way to check if the file exists python and it also extends the tutorial to check if a folder exists.

1. Check If File Exists

First and fore most, in case you want to know how to check if file exists in python, you can import the Path from pathlib and follow the steps below.

In the example below, I use a file that exists on my computer and one that does not:

>>> from pathlib import Path

# this file exists
>>> photo_path = Path("/Users/onestopdataanalysis/photos/photo.png")

# this does not file exists
>>> photo_path_fake = Path("/Users/onestopdataanalysis/photos/photo_fake.png")

# confirms that files exist
>>> photo_path.exists()

# confirms that does files exist
>>> photo_path_fake.exists()

This should return

# the first file exists

# the second file is fake

2. Check If Folder Exists

Next, you can also use Path to check if folder exists – in python Path can be used to check if it is a directory. See below.

In the example below, I use a folder/directory that exists on my machine and one that does not:

>>> from pathlib import Path

# this directory exists
>>> real_dir = Path("/Users/onestopdataanalysis/Desktop/exists/photos/")

# this does not exists
>>> real_dir_fake = Path("/Users/onestopdataanalysis/Desktop/exists/photos_fake/")

# confirms it is a directory
>>> real_dir.is_dir()

# confirms it is not a directory
>>> real_dir_fake.is_dir()

Which should print

# the first folder exists

# the second folder is fake

More Resources

Here are three of my favorite Python Books in case you want to learn more about it.

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