Data Science Careers carving our professional paths

Data science (or part of any of the data science careers) applies statistical procedures ranging from data transformations, data modeling, statistical and machine learning modeling, and techniques optimization to meet the business requirements. Here goes a quick snapshot of the data science career guide that helps you understand the importance, opportunity, and how to become a data scientist.

Importance of Data Science

In the current world, big data is the basis for any business strategy. Every business is overburdened with vast volumes of data due to the paradigm shift from data generation to data analysis. We need data scientists to make this enormous amount of data understandable for key decision-makers across industries like retailers, healthcare, bioinformatics, farming, gaming, etc.

Data science enables retailers to influence their customer’s purchasing habits. Data science analysis improves diagnostic accuracy. It helps scientists to track the spread of viral diseases and predict the most vulnerable causes of illness, which enables health officials to take preventive precautions and control it becoming an epidemic outbreak. The data analysis and interpretation in Bioinformatics are helpful in many areas of life, like understanding biomolecules at the molecular level, evolutionary genetics, DNA sequencing, drug development, etc.

Data is used by farmers by cutting down food supplies which reduces food wastage and enables efficient food growth and delivery. It is also used by nonprofit organizations to predict funding needs and boost their fundraising efforts.

Data Science career opportunities

Today’s job market is very welcoming Data Scientists. Despite the huge demand, there is a significant shortage of skilled data scientists. Due to this wide supply-demand gap, the data science career salary packages are beautiful. Data science career prospects are not limited to technology and have opportunities across retail, biotechnology, healthcare, farming, pharmaceutical companies, research & development, etc.

Anyone with a passion for computers, math, analyzing data, and discovering answers, can earn an advanced data science degree grab a data science job, and build a prospective data science career. Business Intelligent (BI) Developer, Data Architect, Applications Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Enterprise Architect, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, etc., are some of the leading data science careers opportunities.

Requirements for Data Science jobs

A data science specialist’s job is to deal with big data and have skills in collecting, shaping, storing, managing, and analyzing data. So, they should be good at analysis, machine learning, statistics, Hadoop, etc. Still, you’ll also excel in this type of role if you excel at critical thinking, persuasive communications and are a great listener and problem solver. 

Most data science career opportunities prefer advanced data science degrees. Below are some of the common basic skills data scientists require across positions, and specific requirements vary with company and role:

Last but not least, if you want to learn more about data science and careers salaries, please check the YouTube video below:

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